Your work commute is: (A) a bike ride or brisk walk; (B) a traffic jam; or (C) a crammed bus or train.

If you chose B or C, this could mean trouble for your health. A newsurvey of over 20,000 Swedes, aged 18-65, linked public transportation and car commutes to greater stress and exhaustion, and poorer health and sleep quality, compared to active commuters who biked or walked. No wonder the “healthiest women in America” have walkable commutes, according to a USA Today report.

In the Swedish study, the longer the public transportation ride, the poorer the self-reported health. More traveling may mean less time for healthy behaviors like physical activity or social engagement (social contact that doesn’t involve being sandwiched between two people on the subway). And it’s no surprise that less beauty sleep might translate to more days under the weather. Sleep has a restorative function…

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