Apart from being a great source of carbohydrates and fiber, Noni is also high in vitamins A and C, iron, and niacin. The pulp of the fruit is used to prepare Noni juice which is free of fat and good source of protein. Noni juice has been shown to benefit us in the following ways:
  • Immune Booster: As Noni has a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, and enzymes, it is considered a good tonic that boosts the immune system.
  • Antioxidant: Research shows that Noni juice can help in protecting and regenerating the natural antioxidants present in the body such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 which in turn helps getting rid of free radicals.
  • Analgesic: Noni was known as the "painkiller and headache tree." Ancient people used to wrap Noni leaves on painful gouty joints. Noni has analgesic properties. It is 75% as effective as morphine sulfate in relieving pain.

  • Source on the health benefits of noni juice:LifeMojo.com.