What a surprising list of libido-boosting tips in this list from Delicious Living magazine. Who knew that overweight men carry too much estrogen and require certain foods to reduce it and increase testosterone? Or, that yoga poses for the first chakra are also a help, as is frog pose, for the hips.

Here are some tips:  Connect emotionally, improve the quality of your life by getting aerobic exercise; try herbal combos (gingseng and damiana work well for me); see if testoterone needs to be free by testing SHBG levels; opt for herbal remedies; men: control estrogen (eliminate beer and refined foods); do yoga and work on the first chakra; use yoga to center your emotions and challenge the hips and groin (first and second charkas).

Source herbs, yoga poses, stress reduction tips, and more ways to increase your libido:NewHope360.com.