Hips do not lie. They scream at us on the mat, and yet we do everything possible to avoid listening. TheSacral chakra holds our relationship issues, creativity, and sensuality. Tightness in the low back and hips, reproductive disorders, are all connected to repressing emotions around relationships. If we, or our partner, feel unloved when expressing anger, sadness, or anxiety, the emotions are typically repressed. When emotions are repressed, the body shuts off oxygen to muscles, which causes a pain reaction. Repressed long enough, the pain becomes chronic and the energy evolves into disease and disorders.

Just as we aim to create space in our hips during yoga, can we create a space where our partner still feels loved when either their authentic self or shadow side emerge into the light? We all have a tendency to hold both of these sides back when we meet someone new. You can heal your relationships doing yoga.

Source for healing relationships with yoga:  MindBodyGreen.com.